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Covid-19 Response

Our Response to COVID-19

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Dear Grantees,

On behalf of the Board and staff of the Joseph Drown Foundation, I want to express our gratitude to all of you in the nonprofit and public sectors who continue to work diligently to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is when community matters most. We recognize the profound impact this crisis has already had on you, both personally and professionally. We too are struggling to comprehend the immediate impact and understand the long-term implications. Our response may change over time as the needs of the community change.

​We are continuing regular operations to the best of our ability. Like most of you, our staff is working remotely but we are available by email, phone and video conference to answer questions and engage in conversations.

​As always, we partner with you because we trust and respect you. Most of you have received operating support grants from us and have permission to use those funds in whatever way you need to continue your operations and serve your constituencies. For those who did receive program specific funds, we recognize you may have a need to modify those grants to respond to the crisis. Please simply let us know your plans in an email. We trust your leadership and judgment.

​The current deadline for grant applications is July 15th for consideration at our September meeting. The following deadline is October 15th for consideration in December.  We ask that you apply through our online application and provide all required documents where possible.  If you are unable to provide all documentation due to complications from COVID, please let us know and we can discuss a simplified application process.  We will post any updates here, so please continue to check back on this site.

​The Foundation has made grants to several of the pooled funds that have been created to support the most immediate needs of our community and we will do everything we can to continue our support of our current grantees that are serving those needs. Please let us know how we can help. We are in this together.






Wendy Wachtell





Alyssa Santino
Program Director

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